Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Quilt in Progress!

I started working on a new quilt today and I'm really excited about it...

 I've been fondling my Arcadia honey bun and bits of yardage and trying to dream up the perfect quilt for them to become. I've decided on a double-sided quilt with one side being made up of spiderweb blocks (using the honey bun and RK Kona Solid in Ash) and the other being a window-panes-type (using the yardage and probably another Kona Solid... perhaps another shade of grey?? Suggestions?)

On another note --- I'm researching sewing machines! I love my little Brother CS6000i, but let's face it - I need a workhorse :) I'm looking a lot at Berninas (OUCH - the pricetags) and Elnas. I have a lot of info. to gather before I make my next very expensive decision... as if this new sewing habit of mine hasn't brought with it enough spending *ahem... bought too much fabric online yesterday...*

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