Thursday, September 22, 2011

Top done! Now - how to quilt it...

A friend of mine from highschool is about ready to welcome her 2nd child and 1st daughter to the world. We hadn't talked since graduation (I won't tell you how long that's been, haha) and reconnected not long ago via Facebook. She saw a couple of my quilts online and commissioned me to make 2 for her - one for her new baby girl and one for her 2-year-old son.

When she said the nursery colors for her daughter were pink and cream, I immediately thought of the Lily and Will collection by Bunny Hill Designs. I wanted to emphasize the very elegant, classic prints by creating more of a modern feeling with the piecing. I chose a simple framed squares pattern and got to work... Here's the finished top:

I'm torn on how to quilt this little gal's quilt though - I was leaning toward straight-line quilting, but I think stippling would look nice too. Suggestions??

The quilt for this friend's little boy is going to be really fun, too - she sent me a box of monkey t-shirts he's outgrown to work with, so I thought I'd do the same pattern and use the shirts for the center of the blocks and use some kona solids (classic palette?) for the frames - to give the blocks stability and let the cutie monkey shirts be the focus.

Have a nice weekend :)


  1. Enjoy your weekend as well! Can't wait to see it finished, your work is just beautiful!! :) xo!

  2. Quilting it on the diag would look pretty cool. Nice work on your quilt top.

  3. I like the quilt top. When I made frames I just stuck to straight line quilting but with a fancy stitch. But stippling would be good too. :)

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