Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day (yesterday)

Happy Mother's Day (belatedly) to all the wonderful mamas out there! It truly is the most amazing, life-changing job there is. I was blessed to spend yesterday not only with the 4 little cuties that have made me a mom, but with my own sweet mom as well! It was a beautiful day. 

You may be thinking "deja vu" here - but I loved Anna's 241 Tote Bag pattern so much that I decided to make one for my mom as well!

This is a special gift because I used some vintage linens that my mom had given me some time ago for the outer center panel and for the lining. The outer side panels are Kona solid in Buttercup. I'm pleased with how the bag turned out and although my mom ususally prefers bigger bags (maybe I'll make her a Birdie Sling for her next gift?), she really liked this 241 Tote - especially the color palette... and she liked seeing her pillow cases again :)

I hope your Mother's Day was as lovely as mine was!

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