Thursday, July 7, 2011

Quick Post

Unfortunately, all I have time for today is a quick post of mostly pics to show what I've been up to lately (sewing wise)

I listed a few items on Etsy! I don't know if they will sell, as I have only sold my creations to people I acutally know so far... it will be interesting to see if they're even viewed. Etsy is a funny animal - it seems to be where everyone goes to buy handmade items, maybe because there are SO many Etsy sellers that the options for the shopper (depending on what they are looking for) are virtually endless... meaning each seller is therefore the proverbial small fish in the big pond! Overall, it certainly seems to be a better deal for the buyer than the seller - that's for sure... so we'll see!

Reversible Demi Hostess Apron for my sister-in-law using the Mod Kitchen collection by Helen Dardik

241 Tote for Sarah using the Green/Blue colorway of Tufted Tweets by Laurie Wisbrun. Bag pattern (by Anna Graham) can be found here

Between custom pieces for people and some more items for our Bible School Fund-Raising Boutique in a few weeks, I may not be very 'bloggy'... but August should find me back in a more normal routine!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Good luck with your Etsy shop!

  2. Like the apron. All the best with the etsy shop. :)