Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Wrench - A Different Sort of WIP...

Okay - I hope I don't bore you too much with this, but I'm going to post about the rather large wrench that has been tossed into our life here, and has caused more than a few headaches (literal and figurative) and also has kept me away from my sewing machine and the laptop for a bit.

OUR WATER HEATER. The thing was apparently only a few years younger than myself... oops. It was "born" in 1987. It's not something we often checked (obviously) - if the water was hot, we thought the ol' water heater was A.O.K. As it turns out, it had developed a very slow leak, who knows how long ago. The result?! Water damage. Lots of it. Not only did the heater itself need replacing, but the stand it was on and the cabinet it was in (located in our garage) had been completely corroded and infected with mold. SO when the construction started on that, they found that the damage extended into the house. Bad. Enough gab, I'll just show you what we've got now:

So... we have our internet connection back (of course, the damage was in the "office/extra bedroom" where our cable was set up). We have our shiny, new water heater (1st pic). And sizeable holes in the walls. Finally, yesterday, I was able to sew up a couple more of these...

Over halfway done! And just so this post isn't completely useless - the tutorial I used is found here.


  1. Cute fabric in the blocks!

    I've been there with the water heater. Luckily ours was in the basement near a floor drain. Some damage, but not like yours. Good luck in getting everything put back together.

  2. A silent killer, so thanks for the reminder. Another problem would be the water bill. It's a wonder you managed to find the peace to continue your sewing!

    Selene McGraw